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Reason for Being

Martanimation.com is a very old domain I registered back before the millenium. It has been through many many incarnations, the latest you see here.  I started with a tiny space on the cstone.net server, now I have my own linux box running Centos 6 on a really fast wire.

My main interests are listed at the top here, you can click on any of the pictures to take you to a particular site.  In addition, my facebook, linkedin, youtube and email addresses are listed at the top of this page if you really want to know that much about me.

I have quite a few other interests that I don’t specifically document here, these include camping and kayaking- which mixes in with the airplane adventures; gardening- which meshes with the outdoor model railroading; and music, specifically FL Studio and a couple of guitars that I dabble with.  I’m also into 3D printing and desktop CNC and now own a Probotix X90.